Fuding City

  Fuding City lies in the northeast of Ningde and next to Zhejiang Province and is surrounded by hills on 3 sides and the sea on 1 side. The total land area is 1,526km2 and seawaters 14957.7km2.Fuding County was set up in Qing Dynasty in 1739AD and in 1995 it was promoted to a city at county level. Now the city of Fuding has jurisdiction over 10 towns, 2 villages, 3 neighborhood offices and a population of 554,000.The transportation by land and water is fast and convenient, with No.104 State Road running through. Shacheng port is so broad and deep that ships of thousands of tons can come and go freely at any time. Fuding also has rich natural resources and famous specialties such as "Basalt-the Eastern Wonder"," Shaddock-the Marvelous Fruit in the World", "Fuding Areca Taro ---Chinese Famous Taro", "Bailin Arts on Making Tea", and "Mingdong Beer". "Hualong "carburetor enjoys the best quality among its trade in China and leather clothes are sold even to Hungary and some countries of the former Soviet Union. Aquatic products such as yellow croakers, groupers, prawns, crabs, jumping fish, blood clams are famous for their rich and taste. Taimu Mountain, which is one of the national scenic spots, combines mountains, seas, rivers and humane sceneries. It is called "the Paradise at Sea" for its Steep Mountain, wonderful stones, secluded caves and foggy impression. Yushan Island, which has a rolling grassland and beautiful sceneries of hills and lakes, is called" the Heavenly Mountain in South China". Moreover, Fuding is one of the advanced national cities on the achievements made in culture.