Pingnan County

  Pingnan, which lies in the west of Ningde, has a total land area of 1485 km2. It has jurisdiction over 4 towns and 7 villages and a population of 181,000.It was set up as a county in Qing Dynasty in 1735.Pingnan abounds on hydroelectric power and the reserves amount to 400,000. Pingnan is "the hometown of summer mushrooms", and the annual productivity of Xiangu mushrooms is more than 6,000 tons. It's the largest export base of summer mushrooms in China. There are some famous fruits such as Younai plums, seedless persimmons, chinquapis, yangtaos, Wuyan peas and so on .The Rong Ping Chemical plant", which is integrated with No.1 chemical plant in Fuzhou, is the largest production base of potassium chlorate in Asia. Pingnan is also one of the key towns of overseas Chinese in Fujian Province and there are more than 60,000 people overseas. There are famous tourist spots and national protected areas of mandarin ducks and macaques.